SAM "Ms. Orion" Delogax 21


Hero Name: S.A.M. (Shapeshifting Alien Monster ) / Ms. Orion
Secret ID: Sam(antha) ….
Real name: Delogax 21

Shifting, Strange Body, glowing eyes, mismatched clothing , Humanizing costume

You can fly and your’re pretty tough, radical shapeshifting, telepathy and mind blasts

Freak +1, Danger -2, Savior 0, Superior +3, Mundane +1

- Where do oyu come from? Planet Vendaxis (In einer Galaxie im Gürtel des Orion)
- Why did you come to earth? Teenage Rebellion Ich wollte ich selbst sein und Gutes tun.
- Why do you want to stay here (for now at least)? Ich möchte meinen eigenen Weg finden (selbstfindung)
- Why do your people want you to come home? They want to keep me save as a telpathic species we are all connected and close. And to controll me.
- Why do you care about the team? Weil wir zusammen meine neue Wahlheimat beschützen.

When our team first came together…

why didn’t we trust ech other at first, But that change How? Why?
Why- weil ich gerade erst in meinem Raumschiff ankam als ein Anschlag oder eine Übernahle Auf den fernsehsender KHX stad fand und ich sehr unmenschlich aussehe ohne meinen Anzug.
How? nach klären des Missverständnisses wer oder was ich bin arbeiteten wir zusammen und baute eine Vertrauens Grundlage auf

You’ve been learinng about Earth by spending time with Garment/Alex.

You have a crush on Lu-Zu but you keep it under wraps.

Outsider Moves: (chose three)
Alien Tech:
When you alter a human device with your alien technology, roll + Freak. On a hit,
you create a device that can do something impossible once and then fizzle. When you roll a 10+, choose 1:
- It works exceptionally well.
- You get an additional use out of it.

On a miss, the device works, but it has a completely unintended side effect that the GM will reveal when you use it.

You have a vehicle, something from your home. Detail its look (BESCHREIBUNG DES SCHIFFS HIER).
When you are flying your ship, you can use it to unleash your powers, directly engage a threat, or defend using Superior.

dimension-shifting, size-shifting

susceptible to sweets, unarmed

Strength dimension -shifting, size shifting
suseceptible to chockolat, unarmed

The best of them:
When you comfort or support someone by telling them how they exemplify the best parts of Earth, roll + Freak instead of + Mundane.

You adopt a human life; take Secret Identity and The Mask from the Janus playbook

The Mask: You wear a mask and hide your real identity. Choose what Label you try to embody while wearing your mask: ❑ Freak ❑ Danger ❑ Savior ❑ Superior
Once per session, you can affirm either your heroic or secret identity to switch your Mundane with your mask’s Label.
When you reveal your secret identity to someone who didn’t know it already, mark potential.

Secret Identity
Your mundane life comes with a series of obligations. Choose a total of three obligations.
Jobs: tech support
School: photography club
Social: best friend
When time passes, roll + your Mundane to see how you’re managing your obligations. On a
hit, things are going pretty well—you have an opportunity or advantage thanks to one of your obligations. On a 7-9, you’ve lapsed on one obligation, your choice. On a miss, you haven’t given your normal life anywhere near the attention it deserves; the GM chooses two obligations that are going to bite you in the butt.


SAM "Ms. Orion" Delogax 21

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