Case, Janet:
Assistant District Attourney, recently struck a blow against organised crime in chinatown, older sister of Alex Case (aka Garment)

Lewis, Wendy:
Coach of Halcion High’s athletics team

Franco, Ophelia:
Secretary of Korey Hudson at XERON

Hudson, Korey Porfino:
Spokesman for XERON

Johns, Susana:
Intern at XERON, former Halcyon High student

Pierce, Howard:
Technician at XERON whose workstation got compomised by the Sentinels


WHCC – Halcyon City Crime:
Former tv station specialising on crime in Halcyon City

Halcyon High:
Highschool of Tatsu, Garment, Lancer and recently Ms. Orion

Mostly legal company specialising in renewable energies but also being rumored (mostly by supers) to have some shady developments

Chemical plant in Halcyon city, subsidiary of Typhoon


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