Hero Name: Garment
Real name: Alex Case

Black Trans male.
Civilian clothes: Nondescript unassuming outfits
Costume: Full body concealed by cloth (or other material)

Your appearance is unchanged by your abilities, and you can keep your powers hidden. You have heightened physical abilities (strength, agility, toughness), and choose two unique abilities: Impossible mobility (stretching/liquidity/… depending on material), Substance mimicry (can transform whole – maybe even partial – body into touched material)

Freak 0, Danger +1, Savior -1, Superior 0, Mundane +3

- Why do you keep a secret identity? My sister would probably put me in jail or kill me, but I also would like to keep the rest of my friends acquantances away from the crazy cape-world
- Who (outside of the team) knows about your secret identity? My coach, Ms. Lewis.
- When did you first put on the mask? Why? Someone tried to rob a sports event at school and my desire to be able to do something about it activated my powers when I encased myself in a full body outfit and I was able to talk the robbers out of it.
- Who thinks the worst of your masked identity? Assistant DA and sister July Case
- Why do you care about the team? They are my only allies in this crazy cape-world

When our team first came together…

We saved the life of someone important, either to the city, or to us. Who was it? Why
are they important? Assistant DA July Case

Lancer knew you from your civilian life first.
You refused to tell SAM your secret identity when they asked.

Janus Moves: (The Mask and 2 more)

The Mask:
You wear a mask and hide your real identity. Choose what Label you try to embody while wearing your mask: Superior

Once per session, you can affirm either your hero or secret identity to switch your Mundane with your mask’s Label.
The first time you reveal your true identity to someone, mark potential.

I’ll save you!:
You’re willing to pay high costs to keep your loved ones safe. Reveal your secret identity to someone watching or mark a condition to defend a loved one as if you rolled a 12+.

When you try to use your civilian identity to deceive, trick, or slip past someone, roll + Mundane. On a hit they buy your facade. On a 7-9, choose one:

  • You’re still under observation.
  • You leave something incriminating behind
  • You’re forced to make a fool of yourself to sell it

On a miss, one of your civilian obligations rears its ugly head.

Secret Identity
Your mundane life comes with a series of obligations. Choose a total of 3 obligations.

Social: coach/teacher (Ms. Lewis)

School: athletic team

Home: household chores

When time passes, roll + your Mundane to see how you’re managing your obligations. On a 10+, things are going okay—-you have an opportunity or advantage thanks to one of your obligations.

On a 7-9, you’ve lapsed on one obligation, your choice. On a miss, you haven’t given your normal life anywhere near the attention it deserves; the GM chooses two obligations that are going to bite you in the butt.


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